Meghan’s estranged dad not informed about birth


Meghan’s estranged dad not informed about birth

Thomas Markle: Humiliated his daughter by his press dealings
Thomas Markle: Humiliated his daughter by his press dealings

When Meghan Markle was a little girl, her dad Thomas realised that their family were not being properly represented. There were no doll sets available that looked like theirs – a black mother and a white father.

So Mr Markle, now 74, went to the toy shop and bought two sets of dolls for his youngest child’s Christmas present – combining the families, and leaving his delighted daughter with a set that matched her own.

It is this care and attention that Mr Markle, a retired Hollywood lighting director, would have hoped to bring to his royal grandchild.

On hearing the news that his daughter gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Mr Markle congratulated the new parents, saying “God bless this child”, adding that he hoped the child would serve with “grace, dignity and honour”. But it seems unlikely that Mr Markle will see his grandchild any time soon – indeed, he wasn’t informed yesterday by the palace of the baby’s arrival and, in October, he found out he was to become a royal grandparent by radio, sitting in a traffic jam in the Mexican town of Tijuana, near where he lives.

Since the wedding last year, Mr Markle humiliated Meghan with staged paparazzi photos before the wedding, and then he shunned the ceremony altogether, insisting he needed treatment for a heart condition.

He gave a series of tabloid and television interviews before publishing her private letters to him. “What’s sad is that some time in the next year Meghan and Harry will have a baby and I’ll be a grandfather,” he said after the wedding.

But perhaps he can have hope. “She plans to extend an olive branch to the family and invite them to visit after the baby is born,” a friend said. “Meghan hopes that the baby will bring her family back together.”


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