‘Irish ancestry and being an immigrant helped me play Texan oilman’, says Pierce Brosnan


‘Irish ancestry and being an immigrant helped me play Texan oilman’, says Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan as Eli McCullough
Pierce Brosnan as Eli McCullough

Hollywood star Pierce Brosnan has revealed he drew inspiration from his own experience as an immigrant to the US for his new role as a Texan oilman.

The Co Meath actor, the cover star on next month’s Sharp magazine, has a starring role as violent magnate Eli McCullough in drama The Son, from the makers of Breaking Bad and Mad Men.

The Texas oilman in AMC’s epic family drama is based on the Pulitzer-nominated 2013 novel by Philipp Meyer.

Brosnan said he drew from his own past to play the character, who was raised by a tribe of Comanches who murdered his white settler family.

Pierce BrosnanPierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan

“The heart and soul of Eli is that of my Irish ancestors,” he said.

“I know something about being an immigrant. I know something about being an outsider.

“The rest was conjured from various tapes of politicians and rock musicians, and just diving in head first.”

He said he can identify with his character’s brooding side.

“The Irish definitely have a propensity for melancholia,” he added.

“If you can understand it within yourself and allow yourself not to be agitated by it, you can find very good work.

“Being an actor is about constructing and destroying. You have to investigate yourself and go to places you don’t wish to go.”


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He said he relishes the role of the Texan in the drama shot in the state over the past year.

“You have a quiver full of many emotions to play – to let loose an unexpected surprise within a scene or an episode,” he told the magazine.

He revealed the dialogue coach who helped him wrap his head around the character’s distinctive Texan drawl was Irish.

“I’ve been complimented by Texans. And I’ve accepted the compliments. I believe them,” he said, before adding: “They may have just been very polite.”

He said he is never completely happy with his performances.

“I think we all have our own black dog. It’s these doubts. It’s uncertainty, which as an actor you always have. Am I good enough? Is this good enough?

“It’s part of the mechanics of being an actor.”



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